After zooming in on Dispatch's photo,
It was seen that she was looking at the votes about herself on Women's Generation (T/N: online cafe from Daum)..
Those are probably not the only things she saw..

"Q: So who was Hyeri shading?
- Of course it's Ryu;;;;; is it even worth saying?
- Isn't it Han Sohee? If not, then she might be shading the two of them?

Q: That Instagram Story
- It's NOT a transit love so that's why she's dating Ryu
- What dating? It's NOT a transit love and she's NOT dating Ryu"

"Q: About the confirmation of her relationship with R
- Wow f*ck, am I dreaming right now? I'm probably dreaming, what is this?
- Of course, a young man and woman can date! Although I hate that she's dating R..."

"Q: The statement from the company before
- They are obviously denying RyuHan's relationship
- What they are saying: They are dating but they can't tell us

Q: Hyeri's Insta Story
- Anyone can tell that she's taking a jab ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- She's just saying that she's having fun on her vacation?ㅋ stop writing fiction;"

"Q: About the last sentence of her Insta Story "It's fun for me too"
- It's f*cking shocking, why is she taking a jab at Hyeri..?
- She was the one who got provoked first and dealt with it correctly, what's the deal?"

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1. [+125, -16]
But why are people constantly posting Han Sohee's graduation photos even if they have nothing to do with the post...? You must be working hard posting them alone. It's creeping me out..ㅎ

2. [+80, -54]
Her face looks totally differentㄷㄷ she did her first round of eyelid surgery, got braces after and got lip fillers right?

3. [+75, -39]
I didn't really care about Han Sohee all this time but.. This time, I can't help but feel a sense of pity towards her... Just stop already. Why are you guys always using your precious time over something that doesn't concern you..

4. [+62, -14]
We don't know if she usually goes on community sitesㅋㅋ this incident got so f*cking big so it's natural for her to look at the reactions

5. [+54, -16]
Other celebrities look it up tooㅋㅋ

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