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I was really surprised watching the video of her getting angry. I do like cool celebrities, but Han Sohee never seemed cool to me, and her personality always seemed unpleasant. But now everyone keeps saying she's cool? Did the definition of "cool" change without me knowing? Would there have been a similar shield when it was Park Boyoung or Son Heungmin? The comments aren't just a shielding her; it's almost like a religion of people being blindly supportive. Why the rush to defend her? It feels like I'm in a hidden camera... I really don't know if she's even considered pretty.

I was shocked by her makeup so I searched up 'Han Sohee Boucheron' but couldn't find any photo of her. Her company is impressive...

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1. [+219, -94]
Look at the ahjummas' inferiority complexㅋㅋㅋㅋ The guy pretended to be a journalist and entered the site and was being loud so he was at fault so why are you blaming Han Sohee?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously, Pann-girls are so eager to hate on female celebritiesㅠ

2. [+216, -107]
It's not like the man went there and made a fight. It's ridiculous that people are shouting abuse because she asked him to stay quiet. Celebrities aways have to smile every where they go. Even Park Boyoung got hate before for being rude

3. [+195, -57]
There are hate commentors like you around so do you really think that people are blindly defending her?

4. [+183, -55]
It's because her image has been good all this time that the media trusts herㅋㅋㅋ if she does something wrong and had proofs of her power tripping, the public will turn against her in an instant so just stop whining alreadyㅜㅜ

5. [+183, -246]
I honestly agree. I don't know what's pretty about her at all. Actually, she's a bit strange... If kids like Jang Wonyoung or Karina did the same, they would've already been canceledㅋㅋㅋ But she has a bunch of shinyeos blindly defending her and she uses forced virality too;;;

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