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I feel like there are more and more kids who are socially awkward?

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It seems that people increasingly prioritize materialism, placing material wealth as their top priority while neglecting morals and etiquette. Family education is disregarded, with the belief that success in life comes solely from making money and living successfully. In a hypercompetitive society, people see others as targets to surpass and trample over them in win over them. Moreover, there's a perception that anything not aligned with the standard of money is useless, which leads people to focus on subjects like math, science, and language while neglecting others. As a result, people are good at academically but their social skills seem to diminish. Schools used to be a place for nurturing goals and social skills, but now have transformed into a place that focuses just on teaching how to make a lot of money and to have good grades

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From my perspective, people are way too immersed in community sites/SNS. We become aware of things that we weren't aware of before and then start thinking "oh? It seems like I'm at a disadvantage here? Why is this an obvious thing?" and get confused with all kinds of thoughts

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Ah I kind of feel like I can't related to anyone lately. When I tell others that I'm having a hard time, they'd tell me to stop whining..

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After Corona, community sites have exploded. posts on Etas (T/N: University community site), Instiz, DC have been on a f*cking increase

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You can just go on community sites right now and the words that you'll see the most often will be albbano (T/N:"not my business"), "nu-kal-hyeob" (T/N: "who is holding a knife threatening you?"/ expression used to ridicule people for complaining about their misfortune/their own decision), "do it for me", "XX-bug"... you can see that the current generation has no empathy nor sympathy and have no willpower to understand others either

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