[enter-talk] WOW JANG DONGWOO IS 34...

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1. He's freaking handsome...

2. Ah his face.... Is too... Is too much đŸ« 

3. This oppa still looks the same...

4. Infinite are all os good at managing themselves..

5. He looks the same as 10 years ago..

6. The first picture is daebak 

7. He's daebak good at managing himself. 10 years ago, means that it was during The Chaser? He was still exactly the same...???

8. I saw Dongwoo-ssi on the streets in December and he's seriously such a celebrity, his features are crazy 

9. That's right, he still looks the same. Dongwoo is so cool for consistently working out...

10. Wow he's exactly the same

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