"Kim Sunoo deserves to have more individual schedules and brand events! We hope that Belift Lab team will allocate resources towards him reasonably."

"We hope that you stop discriminating ENHYPEN's member Sunoo" 

"Sunoo-yah, you've been doing good ever since debut until now. We'll always be Sunoo's side"

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1. China again 

2. Those hearts are so annoying 

3. Still, their designs are better than Hyunjin Bar

4. We can't help those international fans 

5. China bar again ㅋㅋ

6. They're actually going to send those for real?

7. Ugh as a third party, I'm getting embarrassed 

8. As a Sunoo fan, I beg you to not send it... He already has enough haters^^

9. What can they do about brands picking him? Sunwoo will be the only one embarrassed 

10. Where's the shame? 

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