"I don't like swearing at other people, but Hyeri is kinda detestable"

"Sohee-him I support you~ You've suffered all kinds of mess after being tangled with those 2 weirdosㅎㅎ" 

"That's hilarious ㅋ
What kind of situation is this? 
Hyeri is the one who created a bandwagon against her over "Transit love" and if (Han Sohee) stood still, people would've just assumed that it was indeed transit love tsk 
And those b*tches are still pushing the transit love even when (Han Sohee) said it wasn't. Stop this nonsense already"

"Sohee-nim you suffered. 
Her and her ex-boyfriend should've resolved their own things by themselves. That person, creating a bandwagon with the public against someone who was faultless, and that other person, acting cowardly and trying to avoid anything about this situation regardless of his girlfriend receiving hate or not, will both receive their karma back"

"What do you want us to do about Hyeri falling off from fame? Who ended up in ruin with lingering regrets for no reason?ㅋ It's all because of people like you who worship and fangirl on someone like Hyeri!"
"She's not trying to protect Ryu Junyeol, rather Han Sohee is trying to protect herself. And Hyeri was the one who created the misunderstanding against, her she's just as wrong as her"

"Please don't get tangled with a girl like Hyeri again, she's not at your level. I'm waiting for your next work. I'll always be your fan"

"Hyeri, that person really hit hard with her politics. Herr kind of politics is really scary. If she throws a spark at you and you react, it'll just grow and grow. If you just stay still, it becomes a fait accompli, so you're already done the moment she does something. But then if you refute it, people will say "Why are you so sensitive over a single sentence "this is fun"? "Why are you so oversensitive?" and you'll turn into this attention seeker and a trash. She's the type of person who will drive other crazy, so just how wronged Han Sohee must've felt. It's because Han Sohee is such a popular celebrity that it turned out like that. If this was done by a commoner, they'll get treated with the worst type of treatment. Hyeri-yah, your words were so immature and you're a coward. Please don't live like this Hyeri"

"Hyeri and Ryu Junyeol are birds of a feather. They've been dating for 8 years and form the beginning to the end, Han Sohee was the true victim. Han Sohee, I'll always support you in the future! Stop with the whole "boy crazy" unfair accusations, she has already explained her situation so stop distorting it to fit your agenda"

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1. Why isn't she closing her comment section? She's allowing all those weirdos to flock in 

2. Why isn't she closing her comments...? She's impressive

3. Damn... She should've just closed her comment section, why leave it opened 

5. And it's not like she doesn't read her own comments, but it's better for her to close her comments 

6. Han Sohee really has too many fans 

7. I wonder when she'll delete this post

8. What is happening ? ㅋㅋ Sigh 

9. Seriously she used to be an actress I loved, why is she like that ㅜ

10. Blaming Hyeri for everything, like actress like fans

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