She's one of the leads in Pyramid Game

She was originally an idol and the center of her group?

Looking her up, it looks like she's promoting under her real name Kim Jiyeon for her acting activities
I thought that her face looked similar and turns out, she's Go Yurim (from 2521)
She looks cold in the drama but she looks warmer as an idol?

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1. Is she playing an idol in the drama? Or was she actually a former idol?
> She was really an idol. She's Bona from WJSN

2. Why does nobody know?ㅠ am I getting old?

3. I'm not even joking. I knew that it was Bona but her actress vibe is stronger..

4. I also heard the name "Bona" before but I didn't know her face and only knew about her face after watching Pyramid Game

5. Huh she was in WJSN?? I didn't know...

6. Wow there are really a lot of people who don't know her wow... Bona!!!! I still just remember her as Bona, maybe because I haven't watched any of her dramas yet....

7. I also knew about WJSN but and I only knew the name of the team and heard a few songsㅋㅋ I thought that Go Yurim was a rookie actress. Daebak

8. Her eyes changed so much so there are people who thought they were different people

9. Go Yuri was Bona??? I know wJSN and I know Bona's name but I didn't know her face

10. Hul people don't know Bona..? She was even the centerㅠ

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