"Hybe filling BTS' emptiness with NewJeans"

"Hybe =/= BTS... Highest ever performance in the second quarter by diversifying revenue sources"
“The absence of BTS confirms the competitiveness of other artists... Contribution from NewJeans and others increases”
"BTS enlistment, debut of 4 Hybe teams .... TXT→ Seventeen comeback announcement"
"Hybe "We will debut 4 groups"...Suggesting an alternative to BTS' enlistment"
"Following BTS, Seventeen', TXT and ENHYPEN also succeeded, responses for rookies are also good"
"I can't feel BTS' empty space... Hybe is growing again this year"
“Were there any empty seats after BTS?”... NewJeans sweeping the charts, they're really at work aren't they?"
"Hybe needs to approach BTS military service issue flexibly…Seventeen and NewJeans activities will increase”
"Will NewJeans surpass BTS?... "OMG #95 on Global Spotify's weekly chart"
"The NEXT BTS was NewJeans, Hybe found their best answer"
"BTS' empty seat was filled by NewJeans... Hybe rose by 52% in 2 months"
"BTS' empty seat filled by NewJeans..."Hybe growing again""

"Hybe filling BTS' empty seat... "leveling up their artists""
"Hybe, NewJeans predicted to enter Billboard HOT100... BTS' absence isn't felt"
"BTS' empty seat is filled by NewJeans, Le Sserafim and Seventeen... Hybe bulking up" 
"BTS' empty seat is filled to the rim..Thanks to new NewJeans, a new wind is blowing on Hybe"
""We don't have BTS, but we have NewJeans"... 82% rise compared to lowest point" 
"'We're successful even without BTS'... Hybe's NewJeans enters Billboard"

"People wondered what would happen without BTS... Bang Sihyuk, made 1.3 trillion won in half a year"
""Even without BTS, we're succeeding"... Hybe's stocks raise by 4%"
"Park Jiwon Hybe doesn't worry about the "BTS hiatus", from NewJeans to Le Sserafim, and the monetization of platforms"
""BTS can enlist" Bighit acquires Ithaca, U.S.… Target is 360,000 won

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1. Wow meanwhile, they still have to include BTS in all of their articles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Who mediaplays like that? Can they not succeed without mentioning BTS... Hybe-yah you're dirty 

3. It's probably because of the shareholders? The same thing they did with "depending less on BTS"

4. I thought they did that for a bit, but there's so many of them

5. I thought my bias' company was the only ones doing it, but they're the same here... Freaking funny 

6. Hybe is working hard with mepiaplay 

7. It's because their singers are bigger than the company, they need to resort to this kind of bullsh*t

8. Wow this is severe, and they're only doing this for shareholders??? I don't get it 

9. They've been doing this for years now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They think that shareholders are fools so they resort to mediaplaying like that ... Hybe's stocks need to fail

10. They seem so desperate, it's been how many years that we're reading articles about how "they'll be fine without BTS ㅋㅋㅋ

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