I've been consistently saying that I don't have marriage in mind since we started dating. 

My girlfriend is now living with me in the apartment I'm currently in. Yesterday, she mentioned that it's nice not needing to look for a newlywed home because she has her own place. At first, I brushed it off, but upon further thought, it seems like she's considering marriage with me, which is unsettling. Should I bring it up again? Just a month ago, I mentioned while we were watching TV that I'm not particularly thinking about marriage... that I'm content with how things are now but...

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1. ㅇㅇ you have to tell her honestly

2. She's the one dreaming about it alone so....ㅠㅋㅋ I feel like if you tell her honestly, she's just gonna say "oh, I also didn't have any thought of marrying youㅋ?" So I think it's better just to keep it to yourself

3. So, are you saying that you do want to get married but not with your current girlfriend? She might think you're not thinking about marriage now, but it might be better to clarify things and have a serious conversation with her
> (OP) I think that you're right, or that I'm just gonna remain unmarried. So if I told her that I don't want to get married to her, it might upset her

4. It'd be better if you remind her properly

5. So you want to get married but don't want to get married to your current girlfriend?
> (OP) I don't know. I just have never thought about getting married but what I'm sure of is that I don't want to get married to my current girlfriend
>> Then it would be better to tell her as soon as possible. I think that your girlfriend wants to get married though

6. So you want to date her forever? Let her go already

7. Isn't it better for both of you to break up then? Why would you stay with her?
> (OP) "Why?" you ask... Not all couples date with marriage in mind
>> Huh..? The issue is that you're making assumptions about her
>>> (OP) I just heard about my girlfriend saying this yesterday and that's why I'm asking for advice
>>>> Then it's just right to break upㅇㅇ you don't plan on marrying your girlfriend now and I think that it's selfish to say that you don't plan on marrying her 

8. It seems like it might be better not to rush into anything serious in your late 20s or early 30s.... Maybe it's better to keep it a casual thing for now

9. Wow you better tell her now if she's already discussing about houses

10. But you're not even planning on marrying her but you guys are already living in the same apartment???
> (OP) Yup, my girlfriend said she wanted to live with me so we started cohabiting 2 months into our relationship?

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