"Karina, rather than being sorry towards your fans, you should be sorry towards yourself for all the hard work you put for the past 7 years! 
You ruined your own path directly, through your one relationship news, you have rejected all the hard work you've put in (until now). Are you satisfied?"

"Karina, is the love that the fans are giving you not enough?
Why have you chosen to betray your fans?
Apologize right away. 
If not, we will show you how your album sales will free fall and your concert's seats will be emptied out."

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1. They're a mess...

2. I feel bad for her at this point... The idol industry is so creepy 

3. ???

4. Can they learn moderation.. It's not like she's a criminal 

5. Seriously the truck culture needs to disappear in the idol industry... 

6. I can kinda agree with the first one 

7. Oh the gaslighting 

8. The gaslighting is insane, anyone would believe she was doing Lovestagram and fooled the fans 

9. Isn't this considered a threat..?

10. The idol industry makes me cringe... Fighting 

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