I found her so pretty
Her face shape, the harmony of her features, her aura, etc.
Everything was so my style

It's hard to even create a face like that through surgery

She seriously looked so naturally pretty

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1. Me too... I was a fan of her ever since Eungyo

2. So fresh, honestly too pretty

3. She's the type of beauty that I'd never get tired of looking at...... calling her "pretty" isn't enough. She's beautiful... gorgeous....

4. Her smile is so pretty

5. I seriously am so happy lately...

6. She's so so  pretty and I fell for her once again because of Pamyo... Gorgeous

7. I seriously have never considered monolids pretty but Kim Goeun is the only actress I find really really really really pretty... I was shocked when I first watched Eungyo

8. I'm begging. Please have Kim Goeun do smokey makeup once again playing a strong character. Seriously, it looks so good on her. I've only seen her play those round and fluffy charactersㅜㅜ

9. I'm a fool for never knowing how pretty she was. I fell for her after seeing her a press conference. She was seriously so pretty

10. She just... how to say it... became so luxurious. The harmony of her facial features is insane

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