(Basically showing a ton of articles on communities and forums using the exact same post with the exact same words & titles in them) 

The same post was already plastered all over "mom cafes" within 10 minutes of the news dropping 

Reporter Lee Ho-jun of Dispatch found the two in one day in the vast land of Hawaii and took a photo of them with them facing front, right in the camera

Written by Lee Junho

Written by Lee Junho

(covered here)

Dispatch even sent her a coffee truck, she's the only celebrity who has ever gotten a coffee truck from Dispatch: Han Sohee

Dispatch reported that Ryu Junyeol didn't attend Hyeri's birthday last year, so Dispatch unilaterally claimed that they have broken up before November 

"There's a rumor that Ryu Junyeol didn't attend Hyeri's birthday last year, but that's false. In 2022, Ryu Junyeol organized Hyeri's birthday party and they spent it together with acquaintances but last year, because of Hyeri's movie Victory, she couldn't celebrate her birthday party due to the shooting."

Meanwhile Dispatch got caught lying because there was simply no birthday party at that time 

"As a result of Dispatch's coverage, it was confirmed that Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri have been estranged since June of last year."

"As a result of Dispatch's coverage, it was confirmed that the two had been estranged since June of last year. In fact, Ryu Jun-yeol didn't even attend Hyeri's birthday."

Han Sohee: I didn't hear about the breakup privately, but I wrote it based on an article from June of last year. If it's rude, I'll delete it. It was proof that what I did wasn't a transfer, but I do think that I might also have acted rude.

It's not like Dispatch released an article and Han Sohee saw this article and said that they broke up in June. Rather, that Dispatch article never existed and only appeared recently

Looks like Dispatch is trying to drag Hyeri, the ex-girlfriend, through the mud ㅋㅋ Not only are they fabricating events that never existed, they even tried to paint Hyeri into this delusional and crazy ex who has lingering feelings. This was just malicious. And it's not the first time that Dispatch has fabricated things 

original post: here

1. What's the viral content here?
> That Han Sohee tried to play the victim and that they tried to mediaplay their couple to the point they fabricated events

2. This one is legendary.. 

3. Wow goosebumps 

4. If Dispatch really wanted to help Han Sohee, they should've never orchestrated this whole viral photoshoot in Hawaii and just never mentioned her again. Why did they do this?

5. This is fun 

6. They really tried to protect Ryu Junyeol...

7. That's why I wondered why so many people where saying that Han Sohee was the biggest victim, but when you looked at other places, the general sentiment was completely different 

8. The proof that this was a forced viral haunt against Hyeri: the same journalist who sent the coffee truck to Han Sohee and who took her photoshoot was the same one who went to Hawaii 

9. I've always been suspicious that this was a planned viral hunt so it was true

10. This is seriously fun. It was so obvious that all this was orchestrated, but you've exposed them so cleanly 

11. Hyeri-yah ㅜㅜ

12. This is not all, ever since debut, Han Sohee never had her graduation pictures released, but now all her HQ pretty graduation photos are coming out one after the other ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even commoners, the moment they appear on a dating show, their graduation pictures get leaked left and right and you're telling me it took years before hers got released? All of a sudden? ㅋㅋ

13. Hyeri-yah find strength 

14. Hul those Hawaii pictures were indeed so unnatural 

15. They need to get married~

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