Since it's time to go to work right now, I'll write something that's just provocative enough to attract your attention. 

I think it started in my second year of high school, from that point onward, whenever I saw kind kids trying to take care of me, I keep provoking them just to see how far their kindness can go. 

Even after I became an adult, I continued to make unreasonable demands on purpose, making things difficult for them and saying things like their kindness is the only thing that they can be proud of, and that there's nothing special about it (Saying stuff like "So you can't be kinder than this, I see" and "So you're pretty selfish after all"), and it was so fun seeing their true colors come out. 

Of course, because I was acting like this, I didn't have any friends around me, but I felt like I left a scratch on a kind person, so it felt thrilling.

I feel like I was born as a psychopath or something, but in a society where people wear masks, I think this is so much fun.

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1. Are you this jobless.. 

2. But to them, you're just a nobody that they'll forget who also happens to be a weirdo... You're nothing more and nothing less than someone with a super inflated ego 

3. Why would you live like that... You're kinda pitiful 

4. That's why you'll ruin your life... 

5. The fact that you think being a psychopath makes you so special just shows how childish you are. You must be young. Even for kind people, they will only treat those people who respect them back kindly. If you treat them like sh*t, why would they keep being nice to you...? You may think that you've discovered their true colors but in reality, you just got what you deserved ㅠ

6. That last sentence of yours just made you look like a delusional jjindda

7. Kyah~ I'm scared~

8. So you're hitting puberty this late ㅋㅋㅋ

9. Kind people =/= dumb people ㅎㅎLooks like you don't even know the definition of it 

10. Once you get really old, you'll be having a hard time... 

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