t/n: Meta Comedy Club is a gag show on Youtube where they bring different comedians every episode where they're given a moment to talk about each other and the 2nd half of the show they each do a standup comedy skit 

"Then if you're like that, then while your mom was giving birth to you, she must've rested in *that zone* for a while no?" 

t/n: his mom took a break during labor when it was at his neck area

"Isn't it the first time we're seeing each other today?"

"So what?"

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1. Me too I was so uncomfortable hearing that joke 

2. It's the fact that he could've yielded 100 times and even if they were close in real life, saying stuff like "So what?" is seriously so offensive... 

3. Hul isn't this considered a family insult? Is he crazy... Meanwhile, the person who heard that joke made it so clear that he got offended. Imagine being like that in front of the camera, how annoying he must be behind cameras

4. Ew

5. Me too I found it so so, and the fact that he didn't think it was weird to say is funny too... 

6. I don't care what the context was, but touching his mom is seriously crossing the line 

7. F*cking rude

8. Are they supposed to diss each other??

9. ㅎYou can see his level ㅋㅋ

10. The level is disgusting 

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