If you're going to bring a stroller and just use your phone without caring if the baby cries, why on earth would you go to a crowded place?
It just seems like a really selfish terror attack.
Please, if you can't control your child's crying, don't go outside and just stay home.

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Of course mothers are allowed to bring their kids to the cafe and use cafes too. That being said, if that baby starts screaming, it's the mother who needs to tell them to be quiet in the cafe, and if the child makes a mess, it's the mother who needs to tell them not to step on the chair with their shoes on, etc. When the child cries, it's the mother who needs to comfort them before others tell her to do so. Those who fail to do so aren't mothers, but mom-bugs.  Cafes, subways, restaurants, airplanes... babies can cry regardless of the location. But it's also natural that people get annoyed at babies' crying sounds becasue they're so loud. However, whenever I see the baby's mother or baby's father apologizing and sweating profusely to soothe the baby, my heart became infinitely generous towards them ... That's all, as long as you don't act like some mom-bugs or dad-bugs, you're fine. 
(맘충/파파충 = mom-bugs/dad-bugs = Karens-like parents who act selfish and think they and their babies are the center of the world) 

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Why are people claiming that this is only inconveniencing study groups? Study groups are all wearing headphones so they don't care about it, they're inconveniencing normal customers

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Nowadays, mothers like them have stopped caring, so many people don't care about others and are just there to act selfish 

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I go to cafes sometimes and I see so many moms neglect their kids, and if you go tell them directly, they pretend they didn't hear you 

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They're better than study groups 

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I find these parents who don't even f*cking care about their kids when they go to cafes get pissed off by "no kids zone" so f*cking hilarious 

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