The official channel "V - Topic' with around 2.2M followers was deleted. A request for recovery was ignored. Shortly after, a V impersonation account was created. When searching for V, the impersonation account began to appear at the top. Fans have been protesting for days for it to be fixed. Today, the impersonation account link was attached to Big Hit's official account.

☆ Clicking on "Friends" directs to the V-themed page. The problem is that you'll end up seeing that impersonation account.

The impersonation account gained 230,000 followers in just one day, jumping from 800 to 230,000. It's the first time a company promoted an impersonation account of their own artist.

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1. Is his company his own anti?

2. What's wrong with that company?

3. I'm sooooooooo curious who's managing these accounts. Already for years they've been missing members left and right, but now they're promoting a fake account and getting away with it, and the fans are protesting so much, but nothing is changing, and it's getting worse and worse, and they're doing this to Bangtan just to make things worse, ew

4. HYBE's BigHit is doing such a poor job, this is active sabotage. Please part ways with this horrible company.

5. Do they not do their work or are they not allowed to work properly?

6. They are f*cking bad at doing their work

7. Are they causing trouble like this even when the members are in the army? How on earth did such a group of people come into existence?

8. They didn't even give any feedback. This is just too much

9. Seriously, this infuriates me. How many times has it been? Are they advertising the fact that they are f*ckers? 🤦🤦

10. I bet that one of the staff members is a V anti

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