"Why are there so many people who use age as a mean to write hate comments? Every human being ages, and eventually, everyone will experience be in their 50s too. Why is age the most common target for criticism? Aging is inevitable for every human being, so why keep mentioning age? Is it because you feel superior face-wise compared to someone in their 50s? Or is it because you're the same age and your face has aged so much that you could walk into a coffin tomorrow and it wouldn't be weird? From the moment we are born, we start aging. Instead of wasting your time attacking others based on age, invest in becoming better yourself. That way, your life will change for the better."

The hate comments really seemed to be severe

(T/N: translating the texts only)
(From Mina's husband (36))
"Many people wonder why are we always bringing up Mina-sshi's age after seeing her Shorts... Even if you haven't reached the age of 50 yet... When you hit your mid-30s, you'll start to feel it. A professional mindset toward your job... Maintaining your appearance and physique through consistent care... It all shows that age is just a number. I think that it's about about demonstrating positive energy and motivation. Learn from the good things. Even though I live next to Mina-sshi... Time seems to be reversing. Just by being around her (seriously...) She's my wife but just by looking at her, she's(?) greatly influenced (and is getting younger). I believe Mina's videos can be incredibly inspiring and motivating for some people. We always strive to upload informative videos. Don't be uncomfortable because of age."

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1. He's cool

2. I'm so jealous. I find people who manage themselves crazily like this so cool

3. Honestly.... even when you reach 30, you start to realizing just how amazing women are

4. Impressive

5. The husband is also a king of self-management. Both of them are cool

6. I also watched their Shorts a lot and I honestly find them cool

7. I do feel motivated by her, for real

8. They are cool

9. I need to work out

10. The people leaving hate comments out of inferiority complex are patheticㅋㅋ

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