This is 9ato Entertainment.

Han So Hee feels gratitude for the public’s attention that comes with her job as an actress, and she has worked to give back for the love and support of many people.

However, being a human before being an actress, she is experiencing a very difficult time emotionally due to speculative posts and malicious comments that are being written indiscriminately.

In relation to this, we will take strong action against those who write or circulate any malicious content that damages the reputation of our artist, regardless of the degree of its severity. Please report any additional tips to [email protected].

Our company and the actress deeply reflect on the troubles caused to many people during the process of announcing her relationship. We will closely watch over our actress to ensure that she can move in the right direction and will put in our full effort to protect our artist.

Cr. Soompi

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1. Let's sue them~~~~

2. I'm always welcoming celebrities suing people 

3. Fighting, please don't be lenient 

4. Are they not gonna sue Dispatch?

5. All the kids who are claiming she did transit love need to be sued

6. People who are bashing Hyeri here, you guys must be Han Sohee's haters right?

7. Good good, the fake rumors were so overwhelming that she was getting too much hate 

8. Celebrities are humans too, stop dragging them seriouslyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Finally 

10. If you just gather everyone on Theqoo, you swipe them off in one go 

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