Romance between Japanese from Unit 731 (technically spelled "Prince of the enemy troop") and a Chinese victim from the Unit 731 experiment ♥ (just wow...)

Because people were making a fuss, she then denied that it was about Unit 731 but she already said previously in a Tweet that it was indeed about Unit 731

As a side note, the author is of Chinese descent, so American critics are shielding her for freedom of speech.

original post: here

1. I have to take China's side this time

2. She's Chinese descent? She's a f*cking freak

3. If someone wrote a romance novel about a 9/11 terrorist and an American girl, would those snotty commentators defend it as free speech?

4. Is she insane? I can understand the anger

5. This seriously is enraging... does she not know about the Nanjing massacre???

6. Why do you have to use that setting? It's enough to be a made-up story. Chinese people have all the rights to be angry if you write that sh*t. There are things in every country that shouldn't be consumed like that. She really is thoughtless

7. Wow how ignorant can a person be??? She's really taking this incident for a romance plot???

8. So if it was a love story involving and American and the Nazis it will be fine too right??γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

9. China has all the rights to be angry at this

10. They must be f*cking mad. If that person's SNS ends up being terrorized, nobody would say a wordγ…‹γ…‹

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