(If you get a kid early when you turn 23)

The mom who shared the benefits of having a baby in her 20s
"Offended" and "unhappy" by the backlash
"I'm sorry for anyone who was hurt" public apology

A woman who received malicious comments after posting a social media (SNS) post claiming the benefits of giving birth in her 20s has apologized publicly.

"I apologize to those who were hurt by my video," the woman, who said she gave birth at the age of 23, said on Instagram on Tuesday, adding, "If you give birth when you are young, your child can be sick too, and if you give birth when you are older, your child can be healthy too."

Despite the lack of content, some netizens flocked to his post and bombarded him with negative comments.

"If you have a baby in your 20s, you won't know the joy of your 20s," "No matter how much you viralize it, no woman would have a baby in her early 20s," "This post is offensive because it seems like you are saying that having a baby late is bad," and so on.

There were also many comments criticizing A., such as "I think she's unhappy because she's trying to rationalize by listing her merits like this," and "It's because she had a child in a family with money."

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1. What's wrong with the people of our country lately? No but is it the whole world that thinks like this?ㅜㅜ

2. She should sue those haters

3. But it's a fact that giving birth in your youth is better to the mom.... the witch hunt from our country is so severe

4. Korea is slowly going insane

5. No but she's saying that for her it's good to have given birth at an young age so what's the issue here? Seriously, people are offended by every little thing

6. It's wrong to judge someone who lives a different life than you. Let's respect other people's lives.

7. I saw this person in my Reels back then and just thought "oh I see~ It's possible~" and let it slide but randomly, it became controversial... even thinking about it now, I don't see what's problematic about her take

8. Stop being so mad

9. I'm not married, but I've been told it's the right thing to do... Seriously even looking at the comments here makes me realize that people live such tiring lives

10. Why is everyone hating on her? Just what wrong did this person do?

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