According to a report on the 26th, Kim Soohyun has negotiated a fee of 5 billion won for the 16 ep. drama Queen of Tears. That's more than 300 million won per episode.

On the same day, a media outlet reported that Kim Soohyun was paid 800 million won for each episode of "Queen of Tears," but this turned out to be untrue. In particular, Kim Soohyun is said to have received a smaller fee for this drama than for his previous work, "One Day".

Production companies often complain about the burden of skyrocketing production costs due to actors' high fees. In fact, Kim Soohyun was at the center of a controversy when it was reported that he was paid 500 million won per episode for his role in "One Day". His agency declined to comment on the specific amount.

Park Ji-Eun's "Queen of Tears" is another showcase of her writing skills, with a production budget of 40 billion won. One-eighth of that, 5 billion won, went to Kim Soohyun. Kim Soohyun is doing a great job in this drama, making viewers laugh and cry.

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1. No but, it's not even official, but the media has been messing with Kim Soohyun all day long. 8 billion, 5 billion, 3 billion... it's been crazy. They can only end this by revealing his real salary.. just why are you doing this? Seriously...

2. I don't think that this is Kim Soohyun's fault but it makes me wonder if this is really what the movie and drama industry should be paying...

3. I'm so f*cking tired of journalists who don't do any fact checking and just try to go after actors... just leave them alone

4. 5 billion though....

5. There's a lot of foreign export demands for dramas so they need to figure a lot of things from IP rights, selling rights and publication rights now? I don't think that they cost that much but why make up controversies for nothing? I don't understand what they are trying to hide behind these celebrities' issues lately

6. Uhm....

7. But it's a fact that this scandal is so strange

8. The job of a celebrity is so impressive

9. It's obviously a problem that he's getting paid so much. Look at the shield, damnㅋㅋㅋ

10. That's why these actors are making a fuss and declining offers. Do you really think that getting paid more than Hollywood actors is right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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