Our company regularly initiates legal proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to LE SSERAFIM, including personal attacks, sexual harassment, the spread of groundless information, ill-intentioned criticism, and defamation.

Recently, we have noticed a surge in malicious posts that personally attack each artist, stemming from ill intentions. These posts blatantly cross the line, taking advantage of anonymity. Consequently, we have intensified our monitoring efforts and stepped up evidence collection.

We bring to your attention that the following are all subject to lawsuits: posts aimed at defamation and personal attacks against the artist, instances of sexual harassment, and any cases of slander or the use of expletives based on groundless information. We are collecting evidence of organized acts of posting malicious posts targeting artists’ public reputations and then deleting them to erase traces of evidence through our real-time monitoring systems.

Given the fact that some vicious attacks severely infringe the personal rights of members, including legal minors, we are taking strict measures to address malicious postings that violate our artists’ rights across all available channels, including social media platforms and online communities.

We strongly encourage our dear fans to continue reporting any cases of abuse to our legal affairs hotline ([email protected]), as they have been of great help.

We are always grateful for the affection and dedication shown by the fans of LE SSERAFIM.
We will continue to work to ensure that the rights of our artists are fully protected.

Thank you.

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1. I always support whoever decides to sue. People who are leaving hate comments, do you have no fear? 

2. Fighting fighting, I wish my bias' agency also did it ㅠㅠ please start suing all the hate comments 

3. The comments here shaming them to sue people are insane ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No matter what is the reason behind it, they still thought about something hateful to say. Are these people in their right minds??

4. Is calling them out to be bad singers a hate comment?

5. But the right-wing allegations are written clearly and it was well-organized 

6. Eunchae gets dragged so badly on Japanese Twitter, please do something about this 

7. the timing is perfect

8. This is so refreshing seriously... Do people not fear getting sued..?

9. The people bullsh*tting against Eunchae need to be dealt with please. I'm another group's fan and I find this too severe

10. Let' go ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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