Actress Han Sohee, who recently admitted to being in a relationship with actor Ryu Junyeol and was accused of having a "transit love affair," has ended her contract as an advertisement model with multiple brands.

According to Lotte Chilsung on Tuesday, Han Sohee's contract as an advertisement model expired in early March. "After the expiration of the contract period of one year, they did not renew the contract," the company said, adding, "The next advertising model is undecided."

Although the contract was terminated before the scandal erupted, the industry is paying attention to Lotte Chilsung's pioneering initiative. It's the first time in eight years that an ad model has changed in a year.

Han Sohee has been the face of "Chum Churum" since March 2023. At the time, Lotte Chilsung explained the reasoning behind the model's selection, saying, "We took into account the way she actively communicates with her fans through Instagram."

NH Bank also ended its contract with Han Sohee. According to the industry on the same day, NH Bank ended its advertising model contract with Han Sohee and is reportedly looking for a new star model to start a promotional shoot soon.

Actress Han Sohee, who was selected as a model for NH Bank in 2021, was active for three years until earlier this month.

In addition, used car buying and selling platform Hey Dealer also closed the comment section of its YouTube ad video. The reason for the closure is due to criticizing comments about the 'transit love affair' case.

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1. Did they not just drop her because of the timing,,,?

2. Rather than cutting her off I just feel like they weren't able to renegotiate a contract 

3. Her meme of the puppy holding a knife just gave me such iljin vibes

4. The thing that advertisers look at the most is a celebrity's image. The meme holding the knife was too so-so

5. Because image is the most important for advertisers..

6. This is just because of the timing

7. Because there are so many celebrities around

8. She failed at renewing all of them. If I were an advertiser, I'd be doing the same

9. Her image really got worseㅠ I was shocked seeing the comments on YT. The general public's opinion about her isn't good

10. Both her and Ryu Junyeol's image became so bad

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