""Male singer causing controversy in the overseas hip-hop scene due to s*xual harassment allegations.""

"Most people who know hip-hop know rapper Puff Daddy (right), who is also known as the president of the Notorious BIG label.
Recently, Tupac's killer confessed that Puff Daddy paid for Tupac's murder."

"Yesterday, he was arrested on multiple charges of human trafficking, illegal weapons, drug trafficking, s*xual exploitation, and r*pe of a minor(s).

The FBI raided Puff Daddy's home and conducted a raid, while his henchmen remained in the mansion to destroy evidence and were arrested.
(Puff Daddy is said to have fled to Africa on a private jet before his arrest.)"

"In fact, this was the biggest reason the FBI was called in, among other crimes.

Diddy was allegedly soliciting male rappers and singers seeking mainstream deals, promising to get them signed and promoted if they paid him s*xually.

Police received undercover evidence and documents of Diddy's s*x trafficking of multiple male musicians.

The artists who have been officially identified in the leaked material to date as providing an*l and oral s*x to Diddy and receiving contracts and promotions in return are..."


Meek Mill

"Meek Mill has been in the news again since the case broke because he was photographed with Diddy and the two were wearing a couple look.

According to police, underage boys were also involved in the s*x payments.

Additionally, Diddy has been linked to Justin Bieber and other famous singers, raising suspicions that other male artists who have been involved with Diddy may have been victimized as well.

"50 Cent had been calling Diddy gay on social media for a while, but after this story broke, it turned out to be true."

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1. Hul Usher....

2. Ever since the murder accusations, he's already beens surrounded by all sorts of talks

3. He's seriously a crazy bast*rd..

4. Hul he's just a criminal through and through

5. Wow Usher-yah............ How can I listen to your songs anymore;;

6. Ah seriously, this is just disgusting

7. What a huge scandal

8. This has opened the Diddy-gate

9. What in the world..... what is gonna happen to the victims?ㅠㅠ are they gonna reveal the names of the victims too? This is too much

10. Protect the victimsㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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