Singer Kim Woojin will make a comeback in April.

SM Entertainment's music publishing subsidiary Kreation Music Rights (KMR) announced that 'Kim Woojin is preparing a new album with the goal of a comeback next month.'

Kim Woojin's comeback comes about eight months after the release of his second mini album 'The moment : 美成年, Bounce.' in August last year. As Kim Woojin shows his evolving skills with each comeback, it is expected that he will develop an even more expanded spectrum of music through his new album.


Kim Woojin, a former SM Entertainment trainee and former member of Stray Kids, debuted as a solo artist in August 2021 with his first mini album 'The moment: 未成年, a minor.' It drew favorable reviews from domestic and foreign listeners by unfolding the process of a teenager becoming a young adult with positive and dynamic energy.

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1. He left Stray Kids for how long already... Can you remove Stray Kids' name?

2. It's not like he mentioned Stray Kids himself, so why are they always putting Stray Kids with him?

3. I didn't know Stray Kids have ex-members? Wow... Why did he leave?.. I must look it up 

4. I'm looking forward, it be fun if his promotions overlapped with STray Kids 

5. He looks like Jeno
> Where? ㅋㅋㅋ

6. Until when are they going to be lumped together... 

7. So Stray Kids' fans are still hating on Kim Woojin 
> Stray Kids' fans are staying still, it's because Kim Woojin keeps mentioning Stray Kids that we're asking him to stop, how is this considered hate?
>> You guys are so oversensitive ㅋㅋ Even when Kim Woojin was staying still, you guys were hating on him all this time 

8. What wrong did he commit? Why are people like that to him?

9. There's not a single fan who would like someone who withdrew to still mention the group though 

10. What's hilarious is that the group is a school-violence groupㅋㅋ

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