"Therapist: Have you ever thought about wanting to die?
Me: I've only thought about it to a normal extent
Therapist: Thinking about it is not normal

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1. I've had these thoughts ever since middle school though....

2. I haven't really enjoyed my life so far but I've never thought about dying

3. I've thought about it at least once every day

4. Is there anyone who doesn't look down the window and think, "I'm going to die if I fall out," or, "If I take one step forward while waiting for the light in the crosswalk, I'm going to get hit by a car"? How???

5. I thought to myself, "Am I depressed?"
I've never had thoughts of wanting to die, so I thought, "No, I'm not depressed"
I've been under a lot of stress lately.
I was so surprised that I suddenly thought, "Would it be better if I died?

6. I wonder what life feels like when you don't wish to die... I'm curious

7. I think about this every day ㅋㅋ I think that people who commit the act are really courageous...

8. I used to be scared when I thought about death and tried not to talk about it, but now I just think about it all the time and talk about it a lot to myself,

9. Right before my periods, I thought of wanting to die a few timesㅜ

10. I'm thinking about it every day. I've just been enduring 

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