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1. As soon as I saw 5, it reflected what I was thinking of

2. Isn't it 5?

3. 1,6

4. As soon as I saw 5...

5. 4 for me

6. 3... You know, you just want to get away from it all, so you put an box over your face.

7. 2 or 5

8. I think that everyone just express "being depressed" differently but the picture that represents "depression" the best is 5... It's a state where everything is numb and you're submerged in a black swamp... and you can't even "move" because your feet are rooted in that swamp... so that's the only thing that represents it...

9. A lot of people with depression would choose 4 or 5. Psychologists and doctors would also choose 4 or 5. 4 has some light, but 5 blocks it out and leaves you in complete isolation

10. I chose 1... I don't know why but it feels suffocating

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