In the video, Hyerim revealed an anecdote about how she met her husband, Shin Min Chul.

When asked, "How did you find time for a relationship when Wonder Girls was so busy at the time," Hyerim replied, "There's always time for a relationship," drawing laughter.

"My dad is a taekwondo instructor, and I met my husband when I went to his taekwondo class," Hyerim recalled. MC Kang Eun Do asked, "You were in a relationship for seven years, but it wasn't a public relationship at the time, so how do (celebrities) meet their lovers?"

Hyerim gave a surprising answer, saying, "My husband is not an entertainer, so when we went out together, people thought he was my manager."

When she said, "People would come up to my husband and ask, 'Can get an autograph from Hyerim-sshi?' so I felt comfortable walking around with him," the MCs were impressed, saying, "That's smart."

Hyerim said, "If I go around hiding, it looks suspicious. If I walk around boldly, (people) will think that he's just a manager," she added.

On the same day, Hyerim also confessed her regret that she and her husband are not able to share their faith together.

"My husband is very stubborn. I've taken him to church, but he doesn't go with me," she said. 

Meanwhile, Hyerim, who debuted on Wonder Girls in 2010, married taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul, who is six years her senior, in 2020.

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1. Does she really think that way...ㅋ she's basically treating fans like fools

2. It may apply to idols who are not popular

3. Those were probably not your fans but muggles who were interested in idolsㅋㅋ

4. Seriously, why would you do that.... ^^

5. They just pretended not to know. Do you really think that fans wouldn't be able to tell?

6. It's either they didn't recognize her or pretended not to know. Just be thankful to your fans instead..

7. The fans actually know their idols' managers and staffs' face...

8. No... I don't know the face of people around my bias but I at least know more or less how their manager looks like

9. The fans know and are just giving you side eyes. Because they are fans... how can they not know?

10. Does she think that fans are fools?

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