They said that he was attending a cram school... seems like he retired from the celebrity world....

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1. [+277, -80]
Wow Soobin-Seunghan were on a livestream together but one is promoting like he doesn't know who the other is while the other was kicked out of the celebrity world. Legendary

2. [+259, -145]
I hope that Soobin lives the rest of his life in guilt. Honestly, is Soobin already debuted and Seunghan was still a trainee, Soobin is significantly older, then wasn't Soobin even more careless for having his private account exposed as opposed to Seunghan?

3. [+194, -4]
If only his private livestream was exposed. He should've just endured it. But because of all the motel photos, this was just his weighted punishment

4. [+186, -28]
What's wrong with the comments here?ㅋㅋ I think that there's already no more place for him to return. Who cares whether he's attending an academy to for re-examination of the entrance exam or not?

5. [+142, -29]
It's a shame for his skills and talent but his scandals were too severe for the entertainment industry so.. His face was all exposed too so I feel bad for him... I hope he lives happily as a commoner...

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