When I look at Starship, they take pretty kids like Jang Wonyoung and Bona and give them a thick double eyelid line but why would they do that? At least for Jang Wonyoung, thanks to her makeup, her image looks fancier than before but  but since Bona almost has no makeup in dramas, her eyes just come out looking too raw. If you look at her pre-surgery photos, her double eyelids weren't that small either and it's not like she had multiple folds. They were just naturally pretty...

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1. [+145, -4]
Bona nerfed her visuals with her double eyelids... she was seriously pretty before

2. [+118, -10]
I'm sorry but neither Bona nor Jang Wonyoung was forced by Starship to do their eyelids. They wanted it themselves so that's why they did it. If Starship was the one at fault, even if the two had f*cking bad sense of beauty, they would be more leaning on not making them do anything. The doctors probably discussed the results with them so how can they just have a harsh line like that? Especially Bona

3. [+100, -1]
It's such a shame because she was freaking pretty beforeㅠ I was shocked to see her in Pyramid Game. hope that she gets an eyelid revision when she has no schedule

4. [+82, -3]
Jang Wonyoung has heavy makeup so she would still look fine even without the eyelids surgery but Bona is really a regrettable case. When she had a bit of a lazy eye, she stood out more. She's still pretty but....

5. [+50, -2]
It's indeed a shame because her eyelid line is so high... she was super pretty before but she's good at acting

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