Freaking hilarious, I feel like the reality slap must be intense

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No but I'm more shocked there are still fans left

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He literally committed a crime, I'm shocked that they're letting him release albums 

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Do you think it's funny to mock him without knowing? He said that he was going to pick 30 people and hold a fansign, he said that he was going to take a photo with the fans as a souvenir and some fans didn't want to be on the picture, that's why it came out like that;; And Lucas was so thankful towards his fans during the fansign that he cried a few times. He treasures all the fans who were there and this was such an emotional fansigh. Nowadays, there are so many people mocking Lucas, if you hate him that much, just don't give him any interest.

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Imagine giving him an album and letting kids like Taemin and Onew go... This company really lost their touch 

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