Right now, their image of being bad at live is spread everywhere to the general public 
And if you look at international fans, a lot of people usually turn a blind eye on controversies, but it's to the point where even foreigners claim they can't sing live
EASY just didn't receive that much positive reactions and Hybe just debuted another girl group with a hit song
+ Kazuha's dating news & Hong Eunchae's comment 

Honestly I know that Kazuha dating or Hong Eunchae's comment wont' sway the fans that much, but it's such a good opportunity for antis to flood in so I'm worried...

They need to either practice hard at singing live and change their impression to a strong vocal group or release another song like Perfect Night and take over the general public again

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1. [+57, -3]
All things aside, they should really cut it down with the references 

2. [+51, -12]
Is there a single group whose next comeback isn't important? ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+46, -51]
Aren't posts like these more appropriate to aespa? Anyone can tell that they're at the bottom of the 4th generation right now 

4. [+29, -3]
ILLIT also got f*cking sworn at for their encore, and now they're being tangled with Le Sserafim and both their images are going down...

5. [+26, -4]
I can agree. There are a lot of unnecessary hate, but the facts are this... I know that all 4th gen girl group have this common problem, however, Le Sserafim is indeed the most at risk here... They're always getting into plagiarism controversies and they went from having those kinds of issues, to now, a skills issue. They're going for that "vigorous" concept, so of course the fans feel cheated and they're becoming slowly dislikable. Nobody is debating on whether they're successful or not, but the fact is that their image is slowly becoming worse. 

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