"Ah I was so bad at live today, sorry Moa"
"Everything is just pretext, I was just bad ㅋㅋㅋ If I have the opportunity to do it again, I'll show you well. Moa, thank you so much for the #1ㅠ"

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1. [+108, -11]
Instead of letting it slide, he's confidently talking about it, acknowledging it and apologizing which is even cooler. 

2. [+101, -9]
I like how he says "everything is just pretext"

3. [+69, -9]

4. [+65, -28]
The moment they ended the performance, they had to sing the encore, so it looked like they were having a hard time. It's true that he sang off-tune and he sounded unstable. He's someone who will spend his own time taking vocal lessons so I hope people won't take this one instance and frame him as someone who can't sing ㅜㅜ... Yeonjunie will do better next time, so please don't kill him over this 

5. [+62,-12]
Just do better next time 

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