I have PTSD from it... But I remember everything

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1. I was eating breakfast at my grandmother's house

2. I didn't know about it because I was using my phone at school, but I was surprised when I turned on the TV and watched the news together with the kids in the study room

3. Seriously.. I remember it vividly... I was on vacation and went to the supermarket with my mom. I was happy to see an article saying that they got saved but it was a misreport...

4. I was in my 3rd year of high school and it was class time, and a kid who didn't hand in his cell phone suddenly said during recess that there was news like this, and the next class I went to was very noisy. At that time, the teacher showed the news... and it was about the misinformation about how they were getting rescued...

5. I didn't even know it happened the entire day until I got home at 9 PM, I saw in the news...

6. I was getting down the stairs of the academy and found out

7. I found out about it because a friend in my class told me about it. I was relieved to hear the news of everyone's rescue. For dinner, my brother got his salary, so we went out to eat meat together with the family, and there I saw the news that it was a false report

8. I came home after school and the news kept showing it and my stomach tilted

9. I remember hearing on the news at that time that they told parents' children not to watch the video because it could be a big shock.
It would be a big shock because we are similar in age (as the victims).
So I tried not to watch the news at all for about a week... Of course, I remember quite a bit...
So, because of that, even because of the Itaewon event, I didn't watch any news..

10. I was on the bus on a school trip... I remember calling my family and relatives.

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