"Congrats on the new office! It's been 4 years. Good luck! Congrats on moving in your new office"

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1. The view shows Tokyo Tower right in front of it.. 

2. That Tokyo Tower view is impressive

3. Wow what's up with that scale 

4. I hate the lack of partitions.. 

5. Bang-ssi-yah stop showing off and start treating BTS better

6. He insists on not having partitions as always.. 

7. Wow the view is nice and it's so big 

8. I'm a Hybe fan and I think they're jjang. But why are so many people complaining about the lack of partitions? Our company has no partitions either and lots of companies are like that.. Is that a requirement?

9. Wow this is freaking nice... I'm freaking jealous

10. The office is nice.. I'm so envious.. ㅠㅜ Bang Sihyuk succeed

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