I think I made a mistake starting from going to the health department at a community college.

Because I couldn't study, my grades were rank 6 (t/n: The grading system in Korea has rank 1~9 as a relative evaluation system per semester. Rank 1 =  Best Rank 9 = worst), and there was nothing I wanted to do, so I went with the mindset of just trying to get a job or something, but I maladjusted, took a long break from studying, got expelled, and my college days also disappeared.

After that, I just didn't go out of the house. In fact, even when I was in college, I had no friends and didn't have any love for my college or my department, so I skipped often and stayed home even then.

I'm already 26 years old. In the beginning, I was still being self-conscious whenever my mom asked me "how long are you going to stay in the corner of your room" so I went to work part-time to help my mother, but after 4 weeks, I was fired, and then I just didn't do anything.

If your family is rich and your parents continue to live in society and are capable, you might not know how I feel, but my parents are both in their 60s and have no money to spare.

I do a little housework and look at my phone all day, but whenever I see Vlogs about someone going on an overseas trip, getting a job, or going to college, I feel envious. It's too late for me to go back to college, and I don't have any friends to go on an overseas trip with. I feel like a f*cking failure 

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1. You're still young, why not try the public service exam?

2. The more you stay the way you are, the less you will ever change, go find yourself a part time and go develop your social skills a little. When you'll start getting more money, you can sign up to a cyber college or just go learn something

3. You can still go back to college if you're 26

4. Why don't you try going to a working holiday? The time you're spending in your room will be wasted and never gained back. Instead, try anything and fail a couple of times. The more you fail, the more your change of success and level of experience will rise

5. First of all, the best you can do is to start applying to as many part-time jobs as possible... Try saving a bit of money and go step by step. You're not at the age of ruining your life yet

6. Please try preparing for the public service exam. Public servants don't look at grades at all 

7. If you don't have a clear goal, you can go back to college. You can change your major as much as you want... Actually, nobody will ever find a faculty that will be 100% for them, just focus on going to one..

8. You need to start by changing your mentality 

9. You're still young... Once you'll end up studying, you won't even be 30?

10. I'm going back to university at 25, you can do it!!

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