The feelings of fans towards the 4th year since debut and the 10th year since debut are so different.

On the 5th, Twice's Chaeyoung acknowledged her romantic relationship with singer Zion.T. Chaeyoung's agency, JYP Entertainment, and Zion T's agency, The Black Label, said, "The two are meeting with good feelings. They are supporting each other."

According to previous reports, Chaeyoung and Zion.T have been seeing each other for 6 months, and an acquaintance became their liaison. They don't mind others' attention and enjoy going on public dates.

Chaeyoung debuted as a member of Twice in 2015, and this year marks her 10th year in the entertainment industry. Although she is an idol, she has been active for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience. In response, fans and netizens congratulated and cheered for Chaeyoung's relationship with comments such as "I hope they date beautifully," "Chaeyoung, be happy," and "Who cares about dating when you have that much seniority?"

However, the situation is completely different for Karina, who recently announced her breakup after only 5 weeks of public dating. Karina admitted to being in a relationship with actor Lee Jaewook at the end of February. They met at an event in Milan, Italy in January, developed feelings for each other, and became lovers.

However, Karina's love affair was not celebrated. The response was that it was too early for them to be in a relationship as she ad just debuted for over 3 years and was now in their 4th year. Fans even canceled their paid subscription services, and there was also strong backlash, with a protest truck coming in front of the agency's headquarters. As a result, Karina ended up writing a handwritten letter and apologizing to her fans.

However, the relationship that started with an apology amidst strong backlash ended after 5 weeks. Karina and Jaewook Lee announced their breakup on the 2nd. Accordingly, it seems that Karina is being congratulated after the breakup.

In response, CNN in the U.S. pointed out the breakup between Karina and Jaewook Lee and said, "As a result, entertainment companies have imposed a dating taboo on their artists and have maintained such strict rules for fans' fantasies of a 'pseudo-relationship'."

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1. It's because Karina is the top of the 4th generation right now 

2. Zion.T...?

3. Looks like people date similar people 

4. Karina is at the top right now and Chaeyoung has so many years of experience... 

5. Karina barely has 3 years of experience and Chaeyoung has so much experience 

6. Karina broke up???

7. And Chaeyoung's image kinda played in her favor too..

8. Leave them alone 

9. And the maturity of the fans is also different and also the way they respect the person they date

10. And wasn't Chaeyoung already dating someone else?

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