Singer Kim Sunggyu revealed his honest thoughts about dating.

Kim Sunggyu appeared on SBS' 'Dolsing Fourmen', which aired on the afternoon of the 16th, and showed off his candid remarks.

On this day's broadcast with the theme of 'Those who have what Dolsing Fourmen don't have', Kim Sunggyu, who was introduced as 'the person who has the youth that Tak Jaehoon wants but cannot have', said about himself, "Sunggyu only loves women as his mother, older sister, and fans." He lowered his head as if he was cringing at his own words and lauged. Kim Sunggyu then expressed his belief that "I think it is disrespectful/unmannerly (to the fans) because I'm part of an idol team," revealing his 'fool for fans' image.

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1. This is why I love Kim Sunggyu 

2. You can date....But don't make it obvious... 

3. He's not saying "Don't date", what he means is don't make it obvious... It's not like he can possibly go there and say "it's fine if you date, just don't make it obvious" without sugarcoating like that

4. No... you can date... ㅠㅠ But don't be obvious ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Even if there are articles about it, just don't make us think about it 

5. That's a good thing to say ㅋㅋㅋ 

6. Kim Sunggyu is married to music....

7. Reminds me of Jokwon's comment 

8. Ugh that's what a pro is 

9. But the fact that Kim Sunggyu spoke like that probably comes from what he actually believes, I remember when he was promoting under Infinite, a member of his own team had a relationship rumor blow up... Of course, that woman was the one who kept making it obvious 

10. You can, but please don't make it obvious.. 

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