I am already 4 years into fandom A, and been joining since mid 2020 after my Kpop-fandom hiatus era since 2018. My fandom has been good and full of rainbows, flowers, and all cute and fun things since then. My twitter friends are so nice and good and always being open arm to other Kpopers or even muggles who enjoy our idol's contents either its youtube or tiktoks.

The problem started around last year. Ever since our idols are well known and well recognized with other fandoms / muggles, there are many people joining our fandom. As far as I notice, people mostly are welcome them and sharing things that newly joined kinda needed to know.

Of course, we are glad and happy that our idol group are getting recognition they deserved, and the fandom is growing. But the more people from another fandom joined, the more problematic it becomes. Sometimes we shared things that kinda like 'do's and don'ts' inside our fandom, like don't say this as jokes, certain member don't like to be called like this, etc. Unfortunately some people choose to somehow mock it and being bitter about 'fandom A has too many rules', while those things are kinda common knowledge and we shared it for our own good. And some newly joined people also being rude to certain members, as they mostly join the fandom bcs of some famous members and become their biases. When other people who joined fandom long time before them give them words and nicely told them this and that, they would have told them as 'kkondae' / seniors in mocking manner.

Idk if they acted like that also in their old fandom or what, but isn't it common sense to respect rules that has been accepted by many if you joined into a new environment? Like of course we glad new people come. But it would have been better if newly joined fans could respect what that fandom has.

What do you think?

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