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Appearance wise, they are small (even if they are not small, they are feminine and frail), they have a short face but a V-line chin, they have big features but also look innocently round. Those are the kids that men f*cking like.

And if they do their makeup like Insta stars, they will really make guys go crazy. I look at the kid who is surrounded by handsome boys or boys in general at my academy, she looks f*cking cute, and she also dresses up cutely to accentuate her cute appeal. Even as a girl, I find her f*cking cute. I can feel that guys are going crazy over how cute she is

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1. [+57, -7]
That's right, that's why guys are so crazy over girls like Jo Yuri, Kim Chaewon, Winter, Hanni, etc

2. [+54, -3]
Isn't Park Boyoung the #1 when it comes to men's ideal type? Korean men just love the cute type. But when it comes to "going crazy", I think that it applies more to girls like Shin Sekyung and Kim Sarang or girls who are both innocent and sexyㅎㅎ

3. [+52, -1]
When I attend my university and look around me in general, I think that girls who the cute-type are liked even with age

4. [+40, -19]
Who cares if they go crazy for them or not..

5. [+34, -3]
It made me think of Park Boyoung

6. [+20, 0]
They really like cute girls who are white, have fleshy cheeks and a round nose 

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