Fan : Ahyeon-ah, I'm going to start my second year of high school tomorrow, but I'm worried about whether I can do well because studying becomes difficult... But if Ahyeon, the one I love the most, supports me, I think I can do it my best... 

Ahyeon: I started being a trainee very early… I didn't think any path would be easy. When I was practicing in the practice room I'm sure you were studying hard. I've never walked this road, so I'm worried about what to say and I'm careful, but you're doing well enough! The sight of you thinking about your future and to worrying about it is cool. I will always be by your side today, tomorrow and forever.

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1. So comparable to "someone"

2. How can a 07'er be this good with words ㅜㅜ

3. She's more mature than me 

4. What a good mentality 

5. She's so mature, she probably learned those things very early 

6. Hul she's a 07'er??? She's a real baby 

7. She's a baby but she's already like that.. Seriously born to be a star

8. She's so warm ㅜㅜ 

9. Hul she's quite kind and prudent

10. She's so likeable 

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