Actress Kim Saeron was set to return to acting with the drama "Dongchimi" as a rookie, but decided to withdraw due to health problems. This is reportedly due to a mental breakdown after she deleted a photo with actor Kim Soo Hyun at the speed of light, which became the biggest issue of recent times. 

On the 18th, it was confirmed by X Sports News that Kim Saeron decided to withdraw from the drama "Dongchimi" because she was having a hard time mentally the recent photo incident.

A person who has been Kim Saeron's closest confidant since about a year ago told X Sports News, "Kim Saeron knows that it is too early for her to return to work, but she has a great desire to stand on stage and act, so she has made a lot of efforts. It should be seen as a passion for some fans who have been waiting for Kim Saeron's performance." 

Kim Saeron, who started preparing for the play about a month ago, said that she met the director and vice director of the theater company for the first time at the audition site. She was cast after an intense audition, from narrating to acting out the script. 

The representative of the theater company explained that they cast her in "Dongchimi" because they appreciated her passion and acting skills during the audition. 

Kim said he practiced hard for a month with the mindset that she was a "rookie" and even went to MT with her fellow actors.

However, she recently became embroiled in the photo controversy when she posted a photo of herself with actor Kim Soohyun and quickly deleted it. Since then, Kim has been going through a tough time mentally, and she said that her physical health has deteriorated rapidly. 

A said, "She was in good health while practicing for the play, but when she became mentally exhausted, her physical strength became too bad. That's when she started thinking about dropping out of the play. Her health is her priority," she explained. 

Kim Saeron said she was very disappointed to leave the show as she was passionate about returning to acting. However, she decided it was time to take care of herself and plans to continue her hiatus to take care of her health.

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1. That's her own doing so just why...ㅜㅜ;;

2. ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;;

3. What a funny kidㅋㅋ

4. So why did she post it then?... she should've at least think about the consequences

5. ?? She's the one who made the controversy herself and wanted to be in the news

6. ㅡㅡ this is ridiculousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you'd think that the photo was shared by someone else or something

7. You'd think that she was the victim or somethingㅋ

8. Because she didn't get the reaction she was looking for

9. What a weird kid

10. So why did she upload the picture then?

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