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1. People said that Chaewon did the best but what is this...??????

2. What was that ㅋ

3. Skills aside, the reaction of their fandom was just hopeless...

4. Honestly they wouldn't be in such a big controversy if they were a 5 members group and at least 2 of them were solid vocalist who can carry the group... But here, all 5 of them must take vocal training as soon as possible, Sakura is honestly always at that level 

5. Kazuha, Eunchae and Sakura were so bad. They're ruining their own parts

6. This makes me doubtful of how they even ranked on Billboard, stop just giving us the "ambitious" concept

7. I honestly didn't hear EASY nor SMART 

8. The kids here who are typing "forced hate" "forced" this and that, you guys make me cringe 

9. People saying that Chaewon hard carried, where are they now?

10. Ah....................

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