"We only dated for 4 days and we broke up. We were 3 year apart"

OP: *Emoticon*
- *Emoticon*
- When are you leaving work today?

BF: (Reply to the emoticon) Hul you're hitting someone
- You're being violent

OP: What the? Why aren't you answering me~?

BF: So you're changing the subject?

OP: ??...

BF: I think that even if you're joking with that emoticon, it's doing a motion of hitting the other party which I don't think is good
- Honestly, someone might be scared because of this

OP: Uhm you're scared of it?

BF: It's not the emoticon itself that's scary. It's the inherent violence that I hate. Don't you think that it warrants the person on the receiving end to be scared if there's an emoticon holding a fist and charging it at them??
- If it's from someone I can't physically win over

OP: No, so that's why I'm asking you if this makes you scared. Why are you suddenly trying to lecture me by pointing out other people as examples? This would've been over if you just said that it made you upset
- If we're following your logic, then what do you think of games? Like gun games

BF: No but why do you think that I'm talking about other people? It's the same logic
- If someone sent me something like this even as a joke, it scares me and I hate it
- Also, for the same reason, I don't game
The emoticon in question

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1. This emoticon is the type of emoticon that a new friend would send me and that would make me realize "ah... this friendship isn't gonna last long"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I hate that emoticon. And her reaction just gave her away

3. It's a relief that he saw her personality through that emoticon... even her reaction is just so typicalㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Wow.. it's the fact that she was the one taking those screencaps...

5. And she's the one posting this?...

6. Why is she randomly using a beating emoticon?...

7. I f*cking hate this emoticon and her reaction too

8. Wow he's good at reading people. Everything she said were all red flags. Good

9. Ugh... I hate this... he did well skipping on her

10. A good break up

11. I hate things like this

12. Oh... so she's sending him this emoticon only 4 days into their relationship...? And it's to ask him when he's leaving work?

13. If I were him, I wouldn't even say anything and just silently be turned off... he's kind

14. I totally understand him. And he even tried to explain to her slowly... he did well skipping on her

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