This is a reversal for NCT Dream, which has always pursued a more refreshing sound in keeping with its youth team roots. If 'Hot Sauce' and 'Glitch Mode' are a clear combination of soft boyish charm and strong power, 'Smoothie' twists the perspective and focuses only on strong sound. Rather than having the image of a refreshing and cool drink, it rather focuses on that wild "grinded" smoothie sound. NCT's different divisions' strength has always been preparing new ideas to showcase each team's individuality.

But unlike clear characters, each element of the music that logically supports them is somewhat loose here. Armed with a thick-lined base and a high-impact rap, is enough to match the concept, but it lacks substance. This is because the emphasis on vocals was reduced and minimal accompaniment was the focus, and the chorus, which was filled with only whispers, was weak. The progression is also similar to 'Baggy Jeans' recently released by NCT ​​U of the same group, so the rap part led by Mark failed to show anything distinctively different from it. 

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1. First of all, the song sucked. And can they please increase Chenle, Renjun and Haechan's singing parts?

2. A song like Smoothie doesn't really suit the vocals of the team. They should be able to pick a song that fits their vocals, but instead I don't even know what the aim of the group is anymore. Also with their years of experience, it's becoming a bit ambiguous to keep pushing the refreshing concept 

3. Candy was so good yet ㅠㅠ The kids' voice colors and skills are all good, so they should have a melody-focused song instead of something like that. And please only make Mark rap 

4. I honestly think it's time for Jaemin and Jisung to go over the vocal side 

5. Aside from Mark, they need to decrease the rap for the other 3 members. It's okay if you spread them out and they just come, hit and go, but now they're coming one after the other and it's so tiring to listen to them. It doesn't need to be refreshing, but they should've went with something more appropriate for Spring. Whether it's their sound or their concept, both are becoming so ambiguous 

6. You can't really compare them with Baggy Jeans.. Just from the skills alone...

7. Please make Jaemin practice singing already. He's the wall when it comes to singing in NCT Dream 

8. There were too many rap parts that the song wasn't enjoyable anymore. They were so good in their encore live though 

9. To be honest, half of this team is super talented and half of this team can't sing nor rap. I'm talking about Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung ㅇㅇ... I really enjoy their titles and b-sides but Jisung, Jaemin and Jeno's parts ruin the songs. What a shame 

10. They need to decrease the number of rap members... Mark should be the main rapper and Jeno should be the sub rapper. Jaemin and Jisung should go into singing instead. I feel like they're way better suited to sing.. 

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