IU's agency, EDAM Entertainment, expressed an apology and an intention to amicably settle with a fan who was unable to attend a concert and was expelled from the fan club after being mistakenly identified as an illegal ticket trader.

On April 3rd, through IU's official fan club, EDAM Entertainment issued a statement regarding the issue of illegal ticket trading for the "2024 IU H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL." They acknowledged the recent online post by a fan, which prompted a detailed review in collaboration with Melon Ticket and the concert team. They requested understanding for the time taken to accurately verify the facts and issue a response.

Previously, the story of Blogger A, who received an email from Melon Ticket suspecting illegal ticket trading while attempting to attend IU's concert, sparked outrage among K-pop fans. Despite providing various documents for clarification, including ID, ticket payment records, official fan club card, and communication with a friend who helped with the ticketing, Blogger A was ultimately denied entry on the day of the concert due to the explanation of "a friend making the payment" being interpreted as proxy ticketing.

Blogger A's demands included a full refund for the concert tickets, fan club membership fee, round-trip transportation costs for the concert day, and the lightstick.

IU's side had been praised for implementing the "secret inspector system" to strictly monitor illegal ticket sales. However, this incident exposed vulnerabilities in the system and attracted significant criticism.

In response, EDAM Entertainment expressed a heavy sense of responsibility for the incident and sincerely apologized if the fan felt discomfort throughout the process. They committed to reaching an amicable settlement promptly and to address the complaint filed with the Korea Consumer Agency diligently. They also apologized to all fans who experienced inconvenience during the ticket booking process.

Clarifying a specific point, they stated that the canceled seats on the day were not resold or transferred to any acquaintances by the staff or related personnel. They assured that they hold the original printed tickets for those seats and have consistently informed about illegal ticket trading through their official channels and notices. The handling of the situation at the venue was in accordance with internal guidelines, and no individual judgment by the staff was involved.

Furthermore, EDAM Entertainment acknowledged the suggestions made by fans regarding ticket booking and announced plans to revise policies, including easing verification procedures for ages not covered by youth identification standards, improving the clarification process and customer service at Melon Ticket, and refining the secret inspector system. They requested patience for the time needed to announce improvements, emphasizing their commitment to finding better solutions with Melon Ticket and the concert team to prevent future occurrences.

They concluded by reaffirming their commitment to preventing such incidents from happening again.
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1. Wow they are f*cking shady.....

2. A company that takes fans for f*cking fools

3. Wow... this is seriously a turn off

4. This is too much

5. Seriously, this makes them so unlikable. Both IU and the company are just unlikable nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Why would they do this to a fan?

7. Turn off

8. What's with this power trip? And the artist thinks the same?

9. This gives the singer such a bad look. So the way it looks like she treated the fans so well were all for marketing? I'm seeing her in a new light

10. Wow insane. They probably think that the fan is a f*cking fool


"IU's side apologizes to fans who were accused of fraudulent tickets [Official Statement]

IU's side apologizes for banning wrongful fan, says it takes "heavy responsibility...will prevent recurrence" [full text]

IU's side apologizes to fans accused of 'fraudulent concert ticket transaction' "Amicably settled, preventing recurrence" [Official Statement]"

They never apologized to the victim, and they haven't issued a specific notice (T/N: in the original notice, they made a broad apology to not let something like this happen again)
Nor did they do anything prevent it from happening again.
They're talking about it like it's over.

"The report stated, "my friend used a proxy(?) for the IU concert and I'm proud that I got a good seat," along with an image showing the exact date and time of the concert, as well as the section and seat number. The term "proxy" refers to a person who, due to personal circumstances, acts as a ticketing agent on behalf of a person, which is a keyword that is categorized as a suspected "proxy ticketing" case."

original post: here

1. The media play is insane

2. They are so disgusting

3. Wow... and they are media playing off their own mistake?

4. This is so cruel to the victim. She must've already been pissed to be cornered by a business like this. And they are media playing on top of that...

5. Hul the victim must be so shocked...

6. Wow this is legendaryㅋㅋㅋㅋ... wow

7. Wow seriously disappointedㅋ

8. I just hate IU so much now

9. I'd understand if the fan became an anti afterwards

10. Shameless

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