They stole everything NewJeans did in 2 years under 1 month after their debut

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1. [+322, -11]
Isn't the fit of the current school uniform the Produce-style-fit? NewJeans definitely tried something new by going back to the old uniform fit

2. [+279, -10]
If NewJeans was a 7 years old group, I'd just be like "ah ok" but it's hasn't even been 2 years since they debuted and even went on a hiatus for 10 months. But ILLIT just came and copied everything, there were more than 10 instances

3. [+257, -17]
Nobody is saying that NewJeans owns school uniforms. It's because they are wearing school uniform similarly and are from the same company that it's an issue

4. [+242, -11]
The way they are cleverly copying everything from NewJeans is f*cking wicked

5. [+190, -9]
HYBE's part-timers sure are working hard. We're saying that it's a problem if it reminds you of a group within the same company or confuses you about which group it is

6. [+57, 0]
Nobody is calling them copycats because they are wearing school uniforms. Can't you see. that NewJeans and IVE's school uniforms were totally different?ㅋㅋㅋ IVE and NewJeans were different that's why nobody said anything

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