[enter-talk] IS RM DATING SOMEONE?

Since you left, I finally feel alive
Every night, I write letters to my past self
With just a glass of whiskey, all the memories come pouring out, praying to a god I don't even believe in
So that you can move on from being my everything in your twenties
I'll sincerely wish for your happiness, even though you probably won't believe me
It was a tough relationship, there's a stigma on my chest
It's called you, I can't even believe we were together
It was a flu, and we could see the karma coming through
The monster hasn't been me, I beg you, oh, baby, please
Forever, ever, ever wish you true happiness, damn

She's a pro rider, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, rider
Must be an A1 guider, always throw a f**king slider
When it comes to love, she could be an all-nighter
Best gaslighter, no man could ever fight her
I go mad, how can everything be done together now?
How come now you have nothing to offer?
Freaky you, freaking me, begging you, baby, please
A lifetime of nonsense, lovе is just for the freaks
He's a pro ridеr, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, rider
Must be an A1 guider, always on that f**king KakaoTalk
When it comes to money, he could be a damn fighter
Best gaslighter, no woman could stop him
I go nuts, becoming a monster
You look like your guts
Just trust that's nothing but a shell
Freaky you, freaking me, wishing you in a grief
Love will fail inevitably, love is for the freaks


Just who in the world is he talking about? What relationship he has or had that he's writing this kind of lyrics

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1. [+69, -0]
I'd like to believe it's about Hitman Bang. Please cut ties with him and break up 

2. [+45, -7]
Hankuk Univer"Even without specific individuals, RM can create 37,382 virtual characters just by reading books, watching movies, and listening to songs.sity of Foreign Studies

3. [+38, -3]
I feel like he was talking about how he felt spending his 20s as an idol 

4. [+21, -12]
Weren't there articles about his rumored marriage at one point? I've seen articles refuting it but the lyrics are so poignant, it reminded me of that 

5. [+19, -4]
He just gets inspiration from movies and books to write his lyrics

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