If you look at the things she posted recently
She barely uses any Korean and doesn't even interact in Korean anymore
Even in her stories

Did she get hurt because of that Seasons' stage last time (?)... 
It feels like she went back to Taiwan and got bitter

She also didn't participate in the comeback promotions 
and right now, she seems to be aiming for China 

Last time, she really got into a controversy because of her own lack of skills 
Looks like she's not planning to reflect

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1. [+502, -6]
Just leave, you're not bringing anything to KPOP with that kind of talent anyways

2. [+386, -9]
Is she preparing to run away?

3. [+351, -6]
You can just tell she was never a hard worker

4. [+259, -7]
Is she really leaving... It's my first time seeing her like that 

5. [+231, -6]
Their contract is coming to an end and if they're not planning to renew, of course she needs to go home. It'll be hard for her to live here after her skills became a controversy when she sang live

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