Seriously she's born with this physique... I didn't know she looked like that
But her bag is so small it made me laugh 

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1. [+92, -9]
She's a 08'er but she's so Y2K coded, fascinating 

2. [+73, -3]
She looks like a model, her height is ㄷㄷ And she's giving me Han Hyejin vibes, she's so cool 

3. [+60, -3]
For real, she reminds me of those days back in the days, she looks like a character

4. [+49, -1]
Her legs look 2m ㅋㅋ The most shocking part is that I was watching New Jeans' fancam and she had that super tacky looking lavender see-through thing and she made it work and look pretty... And her legs are f*cking long, her clothes alone are terrorizing, but because she has such long legs, it doesn't look bad 

5. [+43, -1]
She will be so so so much more successful in the future.. She's a good singer, her face is pretty, her physique is good, if she protects her mindset, in 5-7 years, she'll be a huge start 

6. [+13, -1]
She was already crazy tall since she was young 

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